Are we loosing unity ?

Oneness and togetherness is achieved by unity.To strenghthen our opinions, actions and character we need to get united. Group efforts will give much faster results than a alone person who is trying to accomplish something by his individual efforts. And we can start following unity by being with our family, hearing them, praising them, loving them,enjoy with them and having confidence in them.If they are elders, we must respect them and if they are youngers we must love them insteadΒ  of moving on divergent road.Just focus to maintain this oneness in family and it would grow as oneness in society, city and then country.This mutual trust and faith will provide us strenth to achieve our life goals and thus enjoy fruits of our achievements.We need to learn from terrorists as have unity in action, thought and spirit and that is why they are able to destroy their targets and accomplish their goals.Your targets may be good or bad, but success is assured if you have a united consolidated group to work up to the goal.So lets start changing our negative attitude towards our family, office members, neighbours and people in our city Delhi. Lets make delhi people proud us. Jai Delhi.

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