Art of Politics

Today is the day to share some views about the most interesting topic of Delhi. Anything that seems bad from outside is actually interesting and have lot of great things which we can learn to make changes in our life. Politics is something which we feel is not our domain, but i consider it as a tool by which we can change life of people around us. The person who is using ideas of politics for welfare of people of country is real Economist. Politics contain set of methods by which one can generate opportunities for people in country to create value for their work. Politics is the way to create such a system in which we pick up people under poverty, search out their invisible talents and then assign them some tasks. Politics provide us methods to understand and design the work flow for root causes of crimes in country and investing on non-working work force of city to end that root cause. Politics provides us tools and investment to generate awareness among each and every person of city. Awareness to understand their hidden talents by which they can make changes to their lives and contribute in development of our city. There is a need to design mechanisms by which we can force non-working people in city to contribute in initiatives like “Mission Green Delhi”. Politics is way by which each and every person mutually generate profits and measure results.Politics is way by which rich class invests in saving self-respect of their city and generating self-esteem in people under poverty to develop reputation and share profit with poor people of their city. Politics is about setting examples of successful economy for neighbor countries. Politics is about intelligence for mutual benefits in city. Polities is about making city best than other cities using talents of working and non-working people of the city. Politics is about competing with others for mutual revenue generation. Politics is about running blocked business process and sitting citizens. Its just like creating awareness of hidden talents in bird who feels he is captured in a cage. Its just like allowing blocked tunnel to flow like a river.

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Puneet Verma is environmental blogger & Mission Green Delhi(MGD) crusader. MGD digital platform has been supported by 400+ environmentalists from Delhi & other parts of India.

Puneet is Acumen & certified Human-Centered Design professional and techie who has vast experience in managing online portfolio of big corporate brands.

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