Conserve Water Call by Students of St. Froebel Senior Secondary School(SFS), Paschim Vihar

Conserve Water Call by Students of St. Froebel Senior Secondary School(SFS), Paschim Vihar

SFS students have always been instrumental in finding a solution to the problems concerning the mankind. Taking the stock of the situation around SFS students took out a rally on 16 July 2019 to generate awareness among the residents of Paschim Vihar about the problem of water wastage.

Almost 100 students and 20 teacher participated in the rally and marched along the street with the slogan “water is precious, save water save life” for about a distance of 2.5km. Download PDF here.

The placards which were being held aloft by students focussed on water conservation and its preservation. They also distributed the flyers designed by them carrying the messages on the importance of saving water. They also visited the nearby societies and interacted with residents RWAs and educated them on how to save water. They also shared various tips for saving water like fixing the leaking pipes and dripping taps, turning off the tap while brushing and shaving, installing a faucet aerator, taking shorter showers and most importantly using grey water to flush toilets etc.

Awareness Slogans for save water rally

“Save water, save life. Every drop is precious.”

“Jal bachao, jeewan bachao, jal hee jeevan hai

Plantation Drive

SFS has had a long standing tradition of showing concern towards environment, flora and fauna. In order to sensitise the students towards the need of preserving environment and ecology, a tree plantation drive was organised on 16 July 2019.

Students planted various types of saplings like neem, tulsi, jasmine and different types of ferns and other medicinal plants. The main objective of this initiative was to make the students more conscious of their duty towards environment, thereby making them proactive and instrumental in making efforts to stop further degradation and learn to progress by striking the right balance between sustainability and use of nature’s gift.

The Principal Dr. Ragini Kaul in her address laid emphasis on the importance of trees and plants. She encouraged the students to plant trees on their birthdays. She shared that planting a tree yields many benefits like it recharges ground water, prevents soil erosion etc.

Nurture Planet launches plantation campaign in Vaishali, Ghaziabad

Nurture Planet launches plantation campaign in Vaishali, Ghaziabad

Environment centric non-profit Nurture Planet launched their annual plantation drive “HariyaliBol” under the guidance of Municipal Commissioner, Shri Dinesh Chandra Singh, in the Kali Mandir Park located in Sector-4, Vaishali. Nurture Planet is led by woman environmentalist Ms. Anubha Jain.

The occasion was graced by Mr. Shiv Pujan Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, Nagar Nigam, Senior Journalist and writer Mr. Gyanendra Rawat, Media and Environmental Affairs analyst Mr. Deepak Parvatyar and Councillor Ms Neelam Bhardwaj. Delhi University professor Mr. Jitendra Nagar launched the program by planting the first sapling. Also Nagar Nigam’s Deputy Commissioner Mr. Pramod Kumar, Ms. Shaily Agarwal, Ms Ranju Minhas, Mr. Pravin Mishra, Ms. Anila , Ms. Rakhi, Ms. Kalyani, Ms. Sushma, Mr Awadhesh Kumar and Mr. Ashish Sharma contributed to the drive by planting Peepal, Banyan, Jamuna, Neem, Bel and Pilkhan trees.

A painting competition for the students of Sun Valley International School, Vaishali was also organised on the site on the theme “Future Mother Earth”. Hundreds of students painted their hearts out and took out a small rally in support on environment preservation.

It is worth mentioning that this plantation event was organized by Nurture Planet, in collaboration with Mission 100 crore Trees, Gyan Kiran Foundation, Innerwheel Club Indirapuram, Anila Rampuria Mentor and Sunita Agarwal & Co

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