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I know most of us have lost our heart to shopping on Snapdeal, Jobong, Shoppers Stop. Here there and everywhere you would find people checking out their Facebook accounts, exploring snapdeal & flipcart for new mobile phones, tablets, fashion trends, household goods & most probably cars. Travel websites and real estate portals are secondary. While browsing all above websites, can we put our heart and soul into green technologies. I know that talking about green technologies like LED lights solar enabled systems seems out and out. But after hearing Modi’s speech in US, it is obvious to mind our P & Q’s while making purchase of any new technology. But we will certainly take the cat out of the bag. Instead of involving in cats and dogs life and watching such type of serials on TV, where every next scene smells rat, we should chose the green option. All these serials can be painted with same brush. Instead of putting them on back, after watching serials like Big Boss we should hitch hike to green life which can be considered as a beautiful life. Keep an eye on every action we perform and see eye to eye with green technocrats. We must hold our tongue and stop hearing phraseology that has full of tongue twisters. We get such green leaders, once in a blue moon, and Modi Ji is one of them. Green leaders never dig at somebody to short fuse them.

I would like to thank you for turning up on this blog. So today I will open my heart to all of you. Its like lover wearing heart on his sleeve before you. I hope I am taking everybody in confidence. Let’s dedicate our tasks heart and soul to mission green. Let green cross our minds to speak our minds. If something of value comes to your mind, dream of mission green will become true. I know I am not taking out words of your mouth and it sounds strange from my mouth. But mind you I will move heaven and earth to show vision to reality. It’s not about making mockery of high tech people or teaching you some thing. We are bringing up this idea just to save our city, our future, our nature. We will not call in at this point, instead we will move further by calling up mission green poems. We will not bite hands of this country that feeds us daily. This project will surely not bite the dust. What’s biting us is people make fun of such initiatives. We will launch programs that will fit the bill instead of footing the bill.

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Puneet Verma is environmental blogger & Mission Green Delhi(MGD) crusader. MGD digital platform has been supported by 400+ environmentalists from Delhi & other parts of India.

Puneet is Acumen & certified Human-Centered Design professional and techie who has vast experience in managing online portfolio of big corporate brands.

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