Becoming a brand of Delhi

“Brand”, the term to me feel like something i trust blindly. Now if i am watching a particular product on TV or Internet that is repeated lacks of times, it is enough to program my mind and object will look true to me with course of time. Now the reality is that our original memory is never effected by the programmed memory. Lets understand this. The real brand is what, which is promoted for “No Money”. Now how to find out what real brands are available in our city ? Delhi citizen spends his/her lot of time in reading newspaper, watching TV, talking on mobile and on Internet. Now these are the media tools that are actually programming our mind for a reason. And that reason is money. Now if you are eager to see real brand in your daily life, than go for  products which are referred by your grandparents because they never recommend them to us for money. And it was already a research of Chanakaya, that if you want to become more efficient in your daily life then come closer to your elders and talk to them what is right and what is wrong. Respect them because they are just like source of electricity. If you plug out you bulb and plug in it to some battery, then it will definitely produce some light but for a limited period of time. So we should never disconnect ourselves from the real source of power and light, our elders. Respect  the thoughts of elders, and world will respect you. Respect feedback of elders on your product and world will respect your product, world will respect your brand.

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Puneet Verma
Puneet Verma, is founder, promoter & author of Mission Green Delhi blog & platform. He is Acumen & certified Human-Centered Design professional as well. You can find more than 600 articles, stories and poems written by him on this online publication.

To share thoughts with him, you can whatsapp him at +919910162399.

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