Mera College Best Hai

चलते चलते रस्ते पे , ग्रीन टेक की दुनिया आई – भूल के सब कुछ जल्दी जल्दी , अब ये पोएम सुन लो भाई
मिशन ग्रीन की दुनिया में, ग्रीन ग्रीन ये फेस्ट है – सिटी के सारे कोल्लेगेस में , मेरा कॉलेज बेस्ट है


ग्रीन टेक पर लोगिन करके, पोस्टिंग सुबह शाम किया है – teachers ने भी ग्रीन व्लोग पर, देखो बढ़िया काम किया है
ग्रीन ग्रीन ये हॉल हुआ है ,ग्रीन ग्रीन सब गेस्ट हैं – सिटी के सारे कोल्लेगेस में , मेरा कॉलेज बेस्ट है


वर्चुअल टेक की दुनिया में, मस्त भरा ये कॉलेज खुल गया – गूगल गूगल करते करते, ग्रीन टेक का ब्लॉग मिल गया
passion का ये सर्वर है, ग्रीन कला का क्रेस्ट है – सिटी के सारे कोल्लेगेस में , मेरा कॉलेज बेस्ट है

College Days in Meerut

College life is one from which we can never ever detach ourselves from, either it is good or we might have some bad memories. This happens many a times in our life as time proceeds but today i was badly missing those days, my college days. Can’t forget that masti with my friends Gaurav and Mayank. Can’t forget those nights spent with Music of Jagjeet Singh, Maggie and my Engineering Books.Can’t forget that excitement of going back home on eve of Diwali. Can’t forget my lovely and caring Landlord. Can’t forget those multiple movie shows we watched together after completion of our last examination. Can’t forget my dance with Abhishek Soni on his beautiful songs. Can’t forget that mimicry of Tejender Singh. Can’t forget the innovative Ramlila show performed in my college. Badly missing those days when we use to spend most of our lectures on the Dhaba on the high way. Can’t forget asking for lift from strangers on that highway. Can’t forget those bikers of BITS. The most beautiful period of my life. Those meetings of Ashok Tripathi sir, Yadav Sir and funny lectures of Akbar Sharma Sir are still revolving in my mind. It was great to be with awesome seniors like Apurva sir, Ashutosh Pandey, Gaurav, Ashish, Shishir and everyone. Can’t forget those lectures of Nakvi Mam, Tyagi sir and Abhilash Sir. It feels amazing to remember P1, P2, P3 the three mast punjabies. Group of Gajender, Anuj and Ankit. And Dabang group of Kapil, Sirohi and Arun from Meerut.  Dance performance by Dipanshu, Tijender and anchoring of Anjali, Apurva, Ashutosh Sir and Shishir sir are still memorable. I can’t forget that lovely training period spent in haridwar with Mayank and Gaurav.

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