on this Diwali, only that’s the solution

on this Diwali, only that’s the solution

Delhi is waiting for, those moments of light
shimmering with ghee lamps, beautiful that night
clean air without smog, roads those without clog
blessing of laxmi arrives, with sweets and bhog

the day of love, will arive in Delhi
incense of devotion, will dive in Delhi
smiles of elderly, will make us happy
with breath of purity, Diwali would be zappy

mission green delhi, wishes you happiness
with peace and devotion, spread the cleaniness
take the pledge, to stop the pollution
on this Diwali, only thats the solution


हम समझेंगे कभी तो, सब्ज़ इ मुहीम का खवाब है

हम समझेंगे कभी तो, सब्ज़ इ मुहीम का खवाब है

अगर आज धुंआ ना होता, तो ये स्वप्न ना होता
हरियाली की उम्मीद ना होती, ग्रीन दिल्ली का यत्न्न ना होता
हर तरफ शज़र होंगे, सोच यही नायाब है
हम समझेंगे कभी तो, सब्ज़ इ मुहीम का खवाब है

एक ऐसा शहर होगा, जहां सिर्फ तालाब होंगे
शुद्ध जल का मूल्य ना होगा, फूलों के ही बाग़ होंगे
धुल जाएंगे एक दिन, शहर में जो दाग हैं
हर तरफ शज़र होंगे, सोच यही नायाब है
हम समझेंगे कभी तो, सब्ज़ इ मुहीम का खवाब है

ट्रैफिक का चक्रव्यूह ना होगा, शहर की इन सड़कों पर
शालीनता की बरसात होगी, दिल्ली के हम लड़कों पर
तर्क भरे सवालों का, ना कोई जवाब है
हर तरफ शज़र होंगे, सोच यही नायाब है
हम समझेंगे कभी तो, सब्ज़ इ मुहीम का खवाब है

– मिशन ग्रीन दिल्ली ब्लॉग

Black is Beautiful!! – By Prachi Singh

Black is Beautiful!! – By Prachi Singh

Written this poem about my love for butterflies and how it brought a transformation in me.

You’re adopted the kid shouted,
Existence of humanity, i really doubted
Your sister is so fair and you are so dark
The world never failed to make this remark

Spending all pocket money made me feel like a jerk
Bcoz Beauty masks, fairness creams and powders didn’t really work
I didn’t realise when i started developing inferiorities
Back then, beauty was my only priority

Then happened this life altering episode
Which became an important milestone
In biology class we were taught about butterfly’s life cycle
Never knew it was going to change my life’s title

Transformation of an ugly catterpillar
To a gorgeous butterfly
This metamorphisis
became my favourite past time

The wings of beauty was all i wanted
However, the ugly dark skin always haunted
One fine day i took an oath
To unveil the mystery of butterfly’s beauty and growth

I enquired my gardener for a possible host plant
For which i bothered my all uncles and aunts
And finally bought a lemon tree
Which luckily had eggs three

Placed them in a bottle with a tight lid
And Raised them like my own kid
Every night read them bed time stories
Starting From 7 dwarfs to finding dory

4 days later out came the catterpillar
This was my life’s most amazing thriller
Leaves and leaves they ate a lot
Wanted a perfect summer and weather so hot

Food and sleep was their hobby
Their names were Sunny, Abhay and Bobby
From brown to black and finally green
The transformation process was just too serene

And then one fine day they locked them selves
In their own world in their own shelves
My brother told me its called cocoon
He had seen this in one of the cartoons

All i did was to pray
As i watched them silently lay
Now i was eager to see the end
Bcoz that was suppose to mend
All the worries all the struggles
Everything that became a hurdle

Out came the butterfly
Nd with that i was unable to stop my cry
Rushed to call my neighbours
Acted as if i have gone through labor

I claimed to be their mother
Nd didn’t let it be touched by others
Her beauty was just undisputable
But one boy called her black and beautiful

And that just changed me forever
The fight to look fair and better
The beauty that i was running behind
Was the beauty of the dumb and the blind

Black was no more the color of shame
It too became the color of fame!!
It too became the color of fame!!

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