Finally He Came Back

Have you heard about a farmer who was so frustrated with his work that he left his village and went for a world tour to find out new methods of farming used by other farmers in various parts of world. After researching he came to know that the methods he already know through his grandparents were the best methods of farming in whole world. But do you know what was the reason for frustration ? He was never trying and implementing methods taught to him by his father and school teachers. He was lured with illusions of wealth attained by some other farmers and has started comparing himself with them. And in this way the virus of illusion and comparison stopped  working of his mind and he was caught by frustration and depression. But after having a world visit, he started working on his own methods with full dedication, devotion  and created many other innovative methods of farming. He also raised value of those crops by raising costs as owner and producer of grains and sugarcane. In this way if we try to dig out land for the first time we will only get dust, sand and soil. But if we keep on digging it with devotion and dedication than we will surely get gold out of it someday .  Once there was a person who asked an Indian “Hey .. I have heard that in India, it always rains when people beat drums. Is that true ? “. Then Indian farmer replied to him “No … Actually we beat the drum till it doesn’t rain”.

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