Gender Discrimination – Neglecting Girls

It is something that i feel you might have gone through lot of times in your life. But we have to understand deeply why this discrimination has happened against girls. Are you feeling neglected by your parents, would like to forget those lonely periods of your life. Do you feel you were really best than your brother but received less education, food, health care and love from your parents ? I am sorry from atleast myside if any activity of mine(Indian Male) have hurt you.
Lets dig it why it is happening in our society ? Why such discrimination ? Now if we actually go through the drama happening in front of us, its something like “Divide & Rule” system. The system has entered to the lives of Indian Families and something is there which is controlling minds of parents, that is forcing them to treat their daughters badly as compared to their sons. Now whats happening exactly ?  Women in India is also a mother of child, who trains her child about her culture, education and language. Now if my intention is to separate Indian people from their culture, then one thing i can do is to put “Divide & Rule” system into Indian families by which the future of India, girls would get separated from their families in terms of thoughts, language, clothing and culture. As now there is a need to prove that they are best (Which they already are) as compared to their brothers, they want to be independent. Now here Independent means, getting freedom from Complex Indian Culture, Indian Clothes , Indian Parents & Indian Language. This will results in future mothers who will give birth to Non-Indian children and that is where the end of Indian culture will start. Now here again the thought process of parents is changed, and they are doing this as they feel girl will go to some other family after marriage and she will make them proud, and not us. Now this is the actual thought process “We will do for ourselves, and not for them” and their daughter comes in “them” category for them and hence they support their sons for education,food and health care. Now this is the thought process that is used by everybody to destroy India and its precious values. One human being will discriminate other, when we(aliens) will lure him with money and power.
So we must take pledge that we will  treat our daughter-in-laws and daughters in such a way that no other parent treat their daughters in this country.  Women who are supported by their parents and families, are always reaching on top and making India and Indian Culture proud. And its the duty of both parents, sons & daughters to think as a team, and to fight against every activity that is creating harm to our Bharat Mata, our culture. Following are some of the women who have made India proud:

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