Green Tea in Delhi

Otler India has come into the vision to cater teas according to every individualistic requirement. It is recognized in the field of Marketing, Distribution and Supply Chain Management. To do something different and still utilize their experience they formulated a unique concept for tea lovers with the brand name Otler.

The idea is to make people want to have tea like they have coffee, any time anywhere. In today’s lifestyle, the taste and requirements are so varied that a single variant of tea cannot satisfy everyone. Thus Otler has come up with the idea to cater to different taste as well as create a range that focuses on the health issues arising in today’s globalization. The product range includes green tea, herbal tea, robust tea and wellness tea, not only in their original form but in amazing flavours like Blueberry, Rose, and Mango etc.

Otler India
Call Us: +91-9643202741
B19 Basement
Swasthya Vihar
Delhi – 110092
Delhi, India

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