Heart will Take Time

We listen to someone about a popular restaurant in Delhi and then reach there with our friends to enjoy the delicious food. But after having the food we see that quality was not the one we were looking for and what we have heard from people. In similar way when we meet someone and see him/her, we might feel good by watching him/her at first sight and then proceeding with a talk and hence feeling great but that doesn’t mean that we can view his/her heart at a first sight. Faces and minds have dynamic nature and change with time and environment but what remains static is a heart. Heart doesn’t have a dynamic nature. Heart is just like a beautiful gift we present to our loved ones. They accept it and then tear the decoration to open it with an eagerness to see whats their inside. And it might be possible that gift inside is liked or disliked by us. Face and Mind, both are descriptions of intellect and intelligence but heart describes what we exactly are, ie our feelings. If we want to make software compatible to some system, then we need specifications of that system and software. And to find out that we need to invest sometime. Suppose i am having world’s best class software and world’s best class system. I am trying to install that software to that system but always failing to do so. Do you know why ? Because my system was a MAC and software was created for windows. Both of them are best but they have compatibility issue which is due to their manufacturing or feelings. Face and mind can match but what really matters is compatibility of our feelings. Feeling is just like base of a house situated on hill on which whole structure depends.

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Puneet Verma
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