History of Delhi – Fall of Rajputs & Rise of Mughals

How Rajput Kings “Rana” of Rajasthan came in ?

Kshatriya belonged to the Vedic society wherein members organized themselves into 3 classes: Brahmin, Kshatriya, and Vaishya. Kshatriya constitute the ruling and military elite. Their role was to protect society by fighting in wartime and governing in peacetime.

The Suryavanshi clan is an ancient Kshatriya clan of India(Wheel of Konark Sun Temple in Orissa, India).Chattar (Chattari, Chhatri or Chatri) is the mother caste of Suryavanshi Rajputs which originated from Rajputana (Rajasthan).

Chattaris belong to the Kshatriya military and ruling order of the traditional Vedic-Hindu social system as outlined by the Vedas.

The Sisodia (also known as Sesodia, Shishodia, Shishodya, Sisodya, Sisodhya or Sisodiya) are Chattari rajputs of the Suryavanshi lineage who ruled over the kingdom of Mewar in Rajasthan.Maharana Hammir, 14th century ruler of mewar also became the progenitor of the Sisodia clan, a branch of the Guhilot clan, to which every succeeding Maharana of Mewar has belonged. Maharana Hammir was later succeeded by great grand child Rana Sanga who was died after defeat from Mughal Emporer, Babur.

Chittor was built by the Maurya dynasty. Mauryan rule ended in 271 B.C.as a dominant power in India.

Chittorgarh was captured in 1303 AD by Ala ud din Khilji, Sultan of Delhi who led a huge army. He attacked Chittor in 1303 CE after hearing of the beauty of queen Rani Padmini, the wife of King Rawal Ratan Singh, 42nd ruler of Mewar, a rajput king.In response, Padmini sent Rakhis to the Kings of neighbouring states with a message that Rakhis sister was in danger and the Kings should send forces to protect her.Elderly people then had the responsibility to raise the children. It was recaptured in 1326 by the young Rana Hammir Singh, who was suceceeded by Rana Sanga.

How mughals invaded India & Delhi Sultanate & Rajputs?

Mehmood of ghazni invaded northern india in 997 and died in 1030. Then mohammad ghori ended ghazni empire. Viceroy of ghori established Ghulaam empire or slave empire and developed qutub minar.

Allaudin Khilji father ended ghulaam empire by killing tenth sultan of ghulam empire. Khusro khan killed khilji people. He was captured by Tuglaq sultans. Tuglaq empire by ended and taken over by Sayyid dyanasty from 1414 to 1451.

Bahlul Khan Lodi who was founder of lodhi dyanasty of Delhi, became sultan of Delhi on 19th April 1451 & died in 1489.Bahlul’s grandfather, Malik Bahram, settled in Multan during the reign of Firuz Shah Tughluq and took service under the governor of Multan. Temur was the grandfather of Ulugh Beg, who ruled Central Asia from 1411 to 1449, and the great-great-great-grandfather of Babur Beg, grand father of Akbar.

Rana Sanga from mewar called Babur from Afganistan to conquer Delhi sultan Ibrahim Lodhi. Babur came to India with his son Humayun and defeated both Rana Sanga in ‘Battle of Khanwa’ and ‘Ibrahim Lodhi’ and Mughal Empire was established. Akbar the great was grandson of Babur. Rana Sanga died in 1527.

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