I am 3028 Years Old

Was walking with trees at Jantar Mantar and suddenly a Tree asked me. Hey Puneet … What is your age ? I told him i am 28 years old. But he refused and then revealed that my age is 3028 years and i will remain in this world for next 3000 years. I ignored him as this was meaningless fact he was sharing. I started walking in a hurry because there were lot of tasks in my priority management table which were still pending. Walking in a hurry …. Again i was stopped by another tree and he told me “Hey Puneet …. Why are you in so much hurry ? You still have 3000 years to complete your pending tasks. You are 3028 years old.” Then i started analysing that if my age is 3028 years, then it means i am having 50-60 more lifes to complete my pending tasks and to analyse this world. It felt great and my impatient and fast footsteps got little slower. Big constructive innovations and inventions are not restricted with time and life. True constructive technology and invention is a result of analysis of thousands of years and if something is completed in just 50-100 years, it is not big discovery. If we really want our next world to be constructive and peaceful, we have to rethink on what those trees suggested. We have thousands of tasks in hand, and law of nature says that these thousand tasks can be accomplished using collaboration, which is another name given to (+) which meins yog. Everthing in this world is accomplished using (+) yog or non-duality or addition. And the resultant of this yog is 0, thats null. And null is where we submit all our tasks to. 0 is supreme of all of us.  Our nature is to collaborate and unite to reach this null value. Its a state where we reach eternal peace and we become like a sea. Thousands of rivers flowing in various directions, under the principal of non-duality or yog or addition,  ultimately reach this sea of 0. This big sea or shunya(0) is never effected by how rivers flow into it. It still remains calm, big and uniform everywhere. And i found that i am the sea where perfect and imperfect rivers collaborate to reach perfection  and i would remain there for 3028 years synced with supreme power called shunya(0).

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Puneet Verma
Puneet Verma is passionate traveler, youtuber, webmaster and promoter of Mission Green Delhi blog & platform. He is Acumen & Ideo.org certified Human-Centered Design professional. Subscribe to youtube channel of Puneet "Life of Webmaster" at https://goo.gl/3sVNPM

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