I was born intelligent, but education ruined me

I have seen lot of people saying “I was born intelligent, but education ruined me” on social networking websites like Orkut and Facebook. But i was always wondering why people use these words. How can an education system ruin a person. Education always improves the quality of life, the way to live life in a better way. But is there anything which is ruining us. Lets understand it in technical way. Suppose i want to transfer data from my computer to some friend who is sitting on another computer on internet. Now lets consider source computer as S and destination computer as D. Now data is traveled in the form of small units called packets. Each packet flow from S to D through number of layers. Now packet is generated at my end S, when i perform some activity on my keyboard. In the similar way, child takes birth and then moves further in life from childhood to old age through various layers. Now let us discuss these layers. Packet starts its journey from application layer, then as it moves further, it is encapsulated or trapped with transport, network, data and physical layers. In the similar way child is covered with layers like Parental Habits, Education System in School, Education system in college, Television, Newspaper and Internet. The layers of Family,neighbourhood, School, College, Media Environment are actually responsible for every activity we perform in our daily life. My daily activities are result of Environments in which i lived and grew up. The data packet is ready to move out of my computer to internet. And all the headers attached to it will protect it from any tampering that can happen while moving to destination D. The job of headers is to protect the packet from external environment and hence let it reach to D perfectly. The nature of packet flow is controlled by the mechanisms used in the form of various layers of OSI model. In the similar way the nature of person, is controlled by the mechanism used to nurture his mind and soul while he was growing. Now if my packet is facing any problem, or issue while traveling to destination, there is fault in the mechanism i have used to encapsulate it. Now if i want to control the behavior of my packet, i need books written by the researcher of that packet. After having access to the book, i will give it to my researchers and ask them to summarize me the points by which i can control this data packet. As points are no more secret for me, i will implement those points in my OSI model and customize OSI model such that i should get the benefit. If i consider myself as data packet, the term “benefit” here means my secure and enjoyable journey from S to D. Now as i am the controller of OSI model, there is no way for a packet to make decisions and change its path, even if he understands that the actually meaning of D is destruction, instead of Destination. The view which is returned by model, is the view i want, the view i programmed in my MVC architecture or OSI model. Now the packet can say that “He was born intelligent, but OSI ruined him”…. because the OSI was the result of leakage that was done by the researcher of culture of packet.

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