Initiators of Delhi

Just like you i was looking for people who are initiators, the people in Delhi whom we can follow. Before revealing initiators of Delhi, i would like to talk about Lord Rama. When Vishvamitra came to Ayodhaya to take Lord Rama with him to kill demons, Rama’s father asked him to take Weapons and Army with him. But Vishvamitra refused and wanted to take only Rama because he knows Lord Rama. He knows Rama can create his own army and weapons for defeating demons.  He knows, lord Rama never believe his army as they are working on salary basis for his father. So in dharma yudh, we don’t need people who should stop working, when salary will stop flowing. But we need people who are already fighting against demons in their own way. Vishvamitra wants Lord Rama to create his own Army from the general public and want people who can give their inputs in their own way. So lord Rama accompanied Vishvamitra and went to jungle and has found people who are skilled in making weapons and fighting against demons in their daily lives. Now here lord Rama is just acting as initiator to start a big yudha against adharma and leading a way to path of righteousness. He is just acting as a person who will train people and make them aware of effective activity they can perform in their location, so that demons will never come back. Now here Lord Rama is considered as an Iconic leader, who is not helping people by killing demons but by giving tools or winning mantras. The real iconic leader initiates things in such a way that more leaders are discovered instead of more followers. Now if you are really looking for people who are initiating things in Delhi, then i would say you are the first one. I would like to congratulate you from heart and would love to see you asking questions from yourselves. Questions like “Am i creating awareness in my family ?”.  If we want to change something, then we have to start it from our family and friends.  I think you should go through some more posts of this blog and then start implementation of those points in the form of actions in your family, in your daily life. In this way you will find out real initiator, Iconic leader in your family only.

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