Is Your Boss Driving You Crazy?

His name is Tony Deblauwe and just like you, he have had his share of bad bosses. As a Human Resources professional and certified coach, he heard many stories from people suffering stress and frustration from the direction of a bad boss.

What’s your story? How long have you been unsuccessfully trying to change or simply work around a terrible boss? Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn how to turn things around and be on equal footing with your boss rather than remain a recipient of your boss’s dysfunctional behavior?

In Tony’s book, Tangling with Tyrants®: Managing the Balance of Power at Work, he will show you how to improve the relationship with your boss in order to regain your power and be truly successful at work.

Consider how long as you have been suffering with a Tyrant boss…Think about all the weekends you gave up completing your boss’s work projects…Try to tabulate all the credit your boss has taken for your hard work…You need a real plan!

You have a choiceYou can either continue to go nowhere trying one unsuccessful attempt to influence your boss after another, or you can develop a step-by-step communication plan to create the outcome you want.

Avoid Cycle of hoping, coping and compromise.

In Tony’s book, you will learn how negative self-talk and maintaining your focus on ineffective solutions and outcomes rob you of power. You will also learn how to replace your thinking with a solid, streamlined approach that gets results.
But you have to take the first step by deciding you want a lasting solution.

Unlike other people, you have discovered the book that will provide you with the right information to develop an effective communication plan that will help you approach your difficult boss more effectively.
Start now! Tony had a client who was at her wit’s end. Her boss was a huge micro-manager who constantly berated her work, made her work long hours, and even called her to complete a report while she was on vacation! She decided she had enough and, using the same techniques you will learn in this book, she took the initiative to approach her boss in a new way. With in a few days, her boss backed off.
She developed a meeting schedule and calendar that improved their communication and the quality of her projects but most importantly, she had the tools to restore her power and improve her job satisfaction. All this was achieved not by changing positions, workload, or even her boss; instead, she used a plan to create mutually beneficial outcomes.
She made a decision and took the first step in order to collaborate with her boss and not act as an emotional recipient to her boss’s behavior.  Click Here to know more.

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