Killing of a Mouse – Chakraview

Let us understand why and how people kill mouse. The reason is that mouse can be dangerous for objects placed in my house. It is dangerous because it can spread germs that can vanish me and my identity or astitva from this world. Now what could be the solution to save my existence from this living object called “mouse”. I tried catching it  by running like a cat but was not successful. I tried a RAT killer but was not happy with bad smell that spread throughout my room. So i decided to research on the behavior of mouse.
And finally got the solution. The solution was to put a piece of cake in a wooden cage,  which will act as illusion or trap for the mouse and it will surely come to eat that delicious cake. Now what i have done is added some tablet that will destroy energy of the mouse and make him weak. And finally he will be trapped and killed by the pointed piece of wire made up of steel. Now as this was my trap i know from where can i get the dead mouse and fix its dead parts somewhere.
Let me elaborate the above example. Now here “Mouse” means the people who are trapped or lured with some branded “delicious cake”. Due to this trap we are unable to understand the chakraview created by someone whose objective to vanish me and my astitva which is my culture. This chakraview would not only kill me but also dump the base of my life to some dustbin.
Now at last the moral of the story is don’t be trapped by the wonderful looking and tasty cake. Instead learn to live happily like Mickey Mouse with the piece of Roti(Bread) which is handmade and created with domestic wheat flour.  Har Cheez Jo Apni Taraf Aakarshit karti hai aur apnon ke prati jalan aur nafrat paidaa karti hai, Wo baad mein humko aur hummare bachon ke astitva ko samapt kar deti hai. Phir chahey wo kursi ho, Car Ho, Brand Ho yaa Ad ho. Thanks from Green Delhi Blog.

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