Kohinoor Diamond – Sachin Tendulkar

Lets congratulate Indian People, that we again discovered that we are champions and godfather for world.  We have lot of diamonds and gems hidden in our country and yesterday on 2 April 2011, we were again successful in discovering our Diamonds and also most importantly one more Kohinoor Diamond, Sachin Tendulkar who was acting as a divine power to describe that India is a team of gems who produce divine light when they all are together. Our divine love and power is not only for our neighbors(brothers) but also for everybody in this world, who believe in honesty, unity and hard work.  We were never best in non-ethical karma and would love to fail in such types. India is known for its Ethics, Emotions and Hard Work and that is actually the truth of Life. Just with the hope for finding out such diamonds inside myself, I am wishing Every Indian and neighbor a very Happy World Cup 2011. Cheers …

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Puneet Verma
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