Konosuke Matsushita, Guide to Customer Service

matshushitaMatsushita was standing in line of customers for more than 2 hours in hot sun. His employee saw him and came running towards him. Matsushita told him with anger that he is not important, but the people who buy their products are important … So serve customer and not your bosses.

Konosuke Matsushita was more than 90 years of age. He was showing plant to customers. And when customers left he stood up from his wheel chair, and bow down his head for customers .

Matsushita was at five star hotel. The food served to him by chef was too much. So instead of scolding chef, he told chef that the food you have served is best, but my stomach is very small. He knew that chef is the decision maker while hotel purchases panasonic cooking products. By not scolding chef and praising him for his work … Matsushita taught us that customer is everywhere & we have to respect them.

Matsushita started his quest for purpose in life and found his purpose “I will make electrical bulbs that would cost less than cost of glass of water”

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