Logging Human Software

If you are working on Network Security or Application Security then you might be checking various type of logs to ensure that your servers, devices and networks are running fine. Errors, Access and Internal Processes of any system are tracked by logs. But if we consider ourselves as a human system which is running some advance software in it, then how do we log ourselves. Once I was working on logs analysis for my server, Firewall and software application, suddenly this thought generated in my mind. Let us experiment to find out how “Logging of Life” can be helpful for  us in understanding our saints their teachings better. I am a human system which has some advance software in it. But there is no mechanism to log my daily life. Now for eg- i am eager to know how various colors are effecting my daily life and working of my human software. What i do is create a analysis table in my diary with several columns containing various colors like Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow and then rows that contains dates. Lets consider i am logging my life to know effect of colors in it. On the first day i wear red T-shirt and then log or describe my whole day in it by writing what were goods happened and bads happened that day in cell of that table in diary. Then on the second day i wear some different color and then write goods and bads for it at the end of day. I continue this process of logging till an year and then interpret and analyze data corresponding to various colors or various columns. I come to know that there were large numbers of goods happened to me when i wore green color and same number of bads happened when i wore something else.In similar
way if there is some researcher or poet who is working on logging effects of colors on his life, he will do this job for more than year and then interpret and analyze that data. There are lot of  analysts who are working on analyzing effect of other things like metals, stones or certain spiritual tasks that effect our daily life and body. In this way after doing daily surveys and logging our life on paper, we can interpret secrets that we always wanted to know. Great poets, writers, saints, astrologers and tantriks might have done analysis of life and then have given some great spiritual books. And today we find implementation of those analysis when we perform certain tasks like wearing some metal ring, wearing clothes of some color that is suggested to us by saint and other tasks you might know. So i think its better to follow summarized teachings in our holy books to change our life and to become more efficient in what we do with dedication to submit it to supreme power.

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