Long Term Stability and Survival

We eat food to take care of all our body parts. But have you ever wondered why we take medicines. If we feel weak due to some ailment, then to recover from illness we take appropriate medicine. In similar way if we need something we follow deity guru or expert for that particular need. But have you ever wondered what’s the difference between taking medicine and taking food. Medicine is required for curing short term illness but food is necessary for staying alive for 70-100 years. Short term needs can be fulfilled by devoting ourselves to some experts. But if we really want to survive we need blessings of one who is eternal. Its just like keeping ourselves fresh and fit by doing exercise, yoga and meditation instead of eating medicines to get sleep and hunger. Medicines can cure us for short period but balanced diet and exercise will provide us long term fitness. So if we have long term needs then there is a need to follow what is stable and is present from thousands of years. We can follow principles of life that are written and are eternal from lakhs of years. Similarly we can follow inventions and technologies that are stable, long term and constructive. We can practice habits that should help us in fulfilling our long term goals. We should develop theories and objects that can be used forever by human generations to live peaceful life. We should write books that could be used by generation for living quality and peaceful life. Books that should generate awareness instead of hatred. Books that should transcend our thinking above gender, caste, religion, politics, geographical and material boundaries.

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