Lost Fear to Lose Data

There was a time when i was always worried of losing my email backed up on my machine, my important documents and databases. I got crazy to bring out backup solution for my data. So one day i read about lot of backup solutions on internet, as i was new in ZyXEL. I went to one of my Security Engineers and discussed the problem i was facing and also discussed the fear to lose all my data due to any sudden crash or something. Before that i have tested various open source solutions , installing and running them on my demo servers and then working with various client software that are equipped with backup schedulers. Finally i was not satisfied by the process. Thanks ZyXEL i got the solution from my security engineer and Installed a Network Storage Client on my laptop and scheduled a backup of 5:00 pm in evening. Added  my backup box ip address to the NSA client. At 5:00 pm all my source folders files got backed up on my backup box. I moved to the engineer and told him ”ITS WORKING YAAR, IT WAS SO EASY, EVERYTHING AUTOMATIC” .

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Puneet Verma
Puneet Verma, is founder, promoter & author of Mission Green Delhi blog & platform. He is Acumen & Ideo.org certified Human-Centered Design professional as well. You can find more than 600 articles, stories and poems written by him on this online publication.

To share thoughts with him, you can whatsapp him at +919910162399.

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