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I came to know that ZyXEL’s content filtering service  is using the databases of bluecoat and ZSB (ZyXEL Safe Browsing) servers to send webpages to users like me. Now you must be thinking about content filtering. Lets make it simple , restricting employees to access some unsafe/Adult websites. There are three options when, i am requesting a webpage on my desktop.Either the page is passed, or blocked or passed to me with a warning by the firewall situated at my server room. The priority would be for blocking. So if the webpage which i have typed in browser is unsafe, i get warning message. If it is managed(Like any adult site) , then it is blocked. If the page is safe then i can browse it. When i request any webpage from the website server on internet, the page url first reaches to the USG box and then usg sends this url to Bluecoat and ZSB servers and get results. The results are then sent to the tables A and Table B inside the USG box and decision is made by USG Box. The default decision of USG (Unified Security Gateway) if the CF servers are unavailable would be to “pass the webpage to user”.  Let make it more simple, unsafe webpages can harm my computer and managed webpages can harm my mind. Great solution again …

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