My Evening Walk on Delhi Way

Human body is just like my computer, it was assembled using various hardware parts and then was given a name “Computer”. But everything that is created or takes birth like my “Computer”, will break,  detach and  get separated again. It is called destruction of objects that take birth. I stopped the flow of cosmic power to my computer and then its consciousness got deactivated. Then i left for the day and started walking on janpath and suddenly on a red light of tolstoy marg i saw a lady in a car who was offering some fruits and sweets to poor children who were selling pens and were begging there. And suddenly a thought hit my mind. I visualized, that lady offered sweets to children and then children went under a tree to enjoy those sweets and suddenly a posionous snake fell from the top of that tree and gave a bite to those sweets and creep away. Poor children due to their innocence, picked up those sweets and ate them. And after eating those sweets if they die, then who is the one, we should blame. Should we blame that lady for offering those eatables, or should we blame chidren for accepting those sweets. Or if snake is the culprit. Decision making would be tough in this case because nobody seems to be culprit and if decision maker blames anybody, he will be the culprit. So what would decision maker  do ?  If judge in a court offers punishment of death to a culprit and if it comes under righteousness, then culprit should consider himself lucky because he should not be bearing those severe punishments in his next life. Surgeons and Killers, both cut human bodies using some metallic objects. But the only difference is that, surgeon cuts human body for his patients welfare and long life. And his decision for cutting human body comes under righteous act. Decision making is not an easier task and if we feel that we have understood, whom to blame, then we are fooling ourselves. The true decision makers keep on understanding things and situations into their depth and hence improves their knowledge about righteous and non righteous actions. If there is self interest or greed in my decision making then i will remain on this earth in the form of cyclones  and all my family members, friends, gurus and teachers will reach state of liberation and will never meet me again.

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