Had to leave my job that was paying me six figures monthly just because of health issues i started facing due to immense pollution in capital of India. Daily professionals like me in Delhi face challenges of huge road traffic, pollution and smoke. Eventually they get caught up by various health issues related to heart, lungs etc. Once they are in office after wasting 2-3 hours on Delhi roads, they remain seated for 10-12 hours, just to do body shopping and  nothing creative, playing with their health. If anybody talks about environment protection, trees and plants, that person looks like a fool to all those people who are trapped inside the fake mindset of elitism. What’s next ? Should we continue spending our life like this ? Shouldn’t we take steps to increase green cover in our city? Shouldn’t we raise hands to reduce air pollution in Delhi ? Shouldn’t we change our mindset ?

I’m a technocrat and had always been involved in building & maintaining websites for big corporate brands. But wanted in someway to use my skills to create impact in society around me. I know there is something that is missing in society which is acting as primary obstacle to achieve environment sustainability  goals. And if i say, that missing thing is collaboration within people who want to see change around them, wouldn’t that be correct ? People want to see trees around them, but lack of support and knowledge restricts them to do so. I felt a need of collaboration platform wherein people can get together to share their success and campaign stories to inspire those who have passion for green, but still miss direction and knowledge to do so. Therefore, i started

In addition i wanted to give myself sometime to work on things that i always wanted to do. In last 5 years i traveled across India to various places like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Punjab and Kerala. While traveling to all these places i found  totally different world from the world of computers & mobiles. It gave me complete new picture of life that taught me value of each and everything in our lives. Environment & nature was the major because my existence is because of it.

Today Mission Green Delhi has been loved by 250+ environmentalists on Whatsapp who share their plantation, campaign stories with knowledge seekers. Creative people post their poetry on environment and have great relief from their stressful life. The platform receives 10,000+ visits from people who love to do something for environment. People collaborate to get free plants and saplings to run plantation drives in their society. People do workshops for knowledge sharing and post their green story on the platform. I’ve got the chance to connect with environment activists like J P Dabral, Shubhajit, Pravin Mishra, Nandita Kumar, Peepal Baba, Aaryan Dhankar, Verhaen Khanna, Harish Ji, Harnek Ji, Poet Bhupesh Khatri, Mrigya Mukaam, Vishnu Mohan, Manoj Dash, Ranju ji and many other NGO’s who are doing great work in the country.

Motivated with ground level actions taken by group members, recently we launched Mission Green Delhi android mobile app to enable them to share green stories from their smartphones, post their plants requirements and share their ideas. If you wanna support development of our platform then feel free to contribute to our web development, content and branding team through paytm at +919910162399 or to paypal id

I’m very thankful to all those people who have been great support to me during this green journey of mine.

– Puneet Verma


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