My Test With Tree

I was planning to implement this test and the object which was needed for implementation was a Tree. So i was lucky one as my father planted a tree outside my house few years back. In morning i went and analyzed my tree after uttering some abusive words to him,  just for a test. But there was no response from the tree. I waited and then abused him again, but again no response. I went to a temple near my house in morning and there was another tree outside that temple. I started uttering words of respect for that one as i consider it as Lord Brahma, the creator of this universe. But still, no response from him too. Both trees were silent and showing their smile by spreading some leaves on me, gifting me fresh oxygen in return. I was amazed by the nature of both trees.  My intent was to get some impulsive response from them, but they kept on smiling on me. What was that ? Why were they so calm and controlled ?
I have seen people fighting on small things in life. A daughter is married and sent to her husbands house. In few days of marriage, tension develops in families. Tension between husbands and wives OR tension between mother-in-law and daughter-in-laws. People start focusing on small issues and then killing their lives each day. My intent to experiment with tree was to see and compare human being with a tree. And the difference i found was trees are so big hearted that they never develop anger in them and forgive us for our nature with a big smile.  We have to perform this experiment and learn lot of things from it. From now onwards learn to ignore small issues of life and focus on big things .  Ignore mistakes of our family members, our wife, husband, mother, father, brother, sister, father-in-law and mother-in-law and keep our mind focused on big tasks. From today pledge that we will become so big that never ever get angry,  we will keep our mind cool in each and every situation of life and learn to ignore mistakes of the person we are communicating with from this particular second. So what are you waiting for ? Dear, lets move and search out smiling tree outside your house with a big smile on your face. Good Luck.

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