Next time you go to market, please remember this

I would like to share a small story with you all, a story that is inspiring in many aspects.

The photo above is of Renu, Shobha, Kiran, Sandhya, Suman, Manju and Veena aunty. They could also have ignored the cotton bag collection box and would have lived a everyday lifestyle. But they didn’t do it. A special thanks to Shobha and Renu Aunty who have stitched these cotton bags.

These amazing ladies came out of their comfort zone voluntarily and made some cotton bags from the old cloth they had at their home . They put some bags in the box and also distributed some to the customers of our mart and also requested everyone not to use polythene bags.

I feel so overwhelmed by their spirit. So, i would like to appreciate them with all my heart. It has been well said that “Age is no barrier.It is the limitation you put on your mind”.

I would request everyone to donate cotton bags as much as possible. And please,please do return the bags either to cotton bag donation box or to the guard of our tower so that the circulation is properly done.We youngsters, must act to save our environment.

The habit to work for our environment should be inculcated in us like our daily household works.

It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve the world we are living in.

It’s high time now.

We all should act ‘together’ because together we can move mountains and it is just about carrying a cotton bag😊

Thank you,
Shubhra Rai, Mission Green Delhi Community Member
Noida, Sector-78

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