Oh God ! Where Are You ?

First of all we need to know who is he? Then we will understand where is he ? And at last we will try to know the secret path to reach him. To me anyone who is good, honest, true, straight forward and lovable is god. Anyone whom i love to hear, love to speak to and trust most than anyone in this universe. One who never hates us, always forgive us and shows us the right path to live life and serve every being around us. He/She is the one who creates awareness to know differences between good and bad. He is one who teaches us to respect humanity. He is one who teaches us to accept good and bad times of life as reality. He is one who teaches us to accept birth and death as truths of life with happiness and love. Now we know that someone who is having above qualities is god. Now i want to know where is he/she ? For me he is everywhere. When i am at home i found him in my mother and father taking care of me. I find him in my friends as they keep me happy and make life a fun. I find them in my relatives as they keep asking me about my health and job. I find him in my neighbors as they are always with me in my bad and good situations. I find him in my enemies as they guide me to fight for my rights. I consider him as a shining diamond, whose light is visible to me everywhere and generating love in each and every cell of my body.  And the truth is that he never leaves me alone ….. I feel sometimes if he is with me or not ? OR if he exists or not ? But the truth is that he never leaves me alone. He is always with me teaching me to be what he is. He is  in the form of light of awareness in each part of my body. Let me tell you a story … Once i was in my hometown Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh and in morning i went to the bank of river flowing near to my village . As i was walking i saw signs of four footsteps on wet sand at the bank of river.  I was wondering whose footsteps were these in addition to my foot prints. God came to me and smiled. He told me that other two footprints were his. After few days there was something bad happened, due to which i was very frustrated, sad and unhappy. Again i went to that bank of river hoping to feel GOD by looking at his footprints. But i was so frustrated and angry because i haven’t found those foot prints there.  Now i felt like he has left me alone in my bad situation. And even felt that there is no GOD.  I slept with an intention to see him one more time and put a question to him. Suddenly he came in front of me with a smiling face. I asked him “Where were you, i was so sad today………. I haven’t seen your footsteps following me…….” . Then GOD replied “My Child … i can never leave you alone…. that is why i am known as GOD …….. The prints of two footsteps you have seen were my foot prints…. Your footprints were not visible because in your bad times you were so depressed that you were not able to walk… So i carried you in my arms and there were no foot prints visible of your feet.”

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Puneet Verma is environmental blogger & Mission Green Delhi(MGD) crusader. MGD digital platform has been supported by 400+ environmentalists from Delhi & other parts of India.

Puneet is Acumen & Ideo.org certified Human-Centered Design professional and techie who has vast experience in managing online portfolio of big corporate brands.

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