I was about to quit working on this platform, but you all have always supported and motivated me to continue with Mission Green Delhi and made me understand how much valuable this platform is in your life.  You taught me to keep walking with Mission Green Delhi and rest will follow.

Jasvinder Singh, Kaushambi
Sarfaraz, Bawana
Ajit, Founder, Khushigram
Vishnu Mohan, Vriksh Mitra Parivaar,
Jasvinder Singh, Kaushambi

Dear MGD. For the first time I felt that public opinion can force someone to withdraw bad decisions when in Delhi many trees were saved from cutting recently. Lets keep like minded people together on this platform. Maybe of what we do together, impact is miniscule in larger scheme of things, but there is some effect definitely.”

Sarfaraz, Bawana

Puneet ji, in terms of knowing about some new plants, methods and also connecting to people in other areas.Working of similar lines, which can lead to more collaborations for more Green Zones.”

Ajit, Founder, Khushigram

I am convinced with this group motive n awesome results. Just because of this platform lot of things come together. Sharing Knowledge Sharing Work that generates lot of inspiration among individuals too. Sharing initiative, sharing of sources etc Can u imagine that a lay man who is not aware of any technical knowledge are learning the better way for their environmental gest. Hats off MGD for making it possible so easily.

I feel that this is real platform which is working for environment without greed of being celebrity”

Vishnu Mohan, Vriksh Mitra Parivaar,

“Rains grows plants 
human grows pollution
Puneet grows the mission green delhi aim and we…we all do the work to support your aim.”


Blog posts that update us on on-going environmental campaigns and events in Delhi. You can also share your green story to get it published in upcoming card below. Mail us at missiongreendelhi@gmail.com 

To become member of this Green Delhi campaign, mail us at missiongreendelhi@gmail.com or whatsapp us by clicking here.


“I’m fed up of growing chronic diseases. I’m fed up of growing air and water pollution and garbage in the city. I want someone to listen to me who can empower me to take action to resolve these issues” … Delhi Citizen



This platform endeavors to keep Delhi people up-to-date with ongoing plantation drives. In addition, it empowers everyone to share their plantation stories using our android app.


If you are planning a plantation drive in your region, this platform will connect you with people around you who are already involved in relevant initiatives and have similar interest as yours.


We have 240+ environmentalists who are always ready to help you with their expertise in greening the city. You can join this platform to connect with all these nature lovers and leverage their knowledge and skills.

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