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So you reached here searching for experts who can help you in making right decisions while purchasing or selling power in capital of India. Just like you i was looking for consultants who can help me in exploring graphical views of whats going on in power and energy sector in Delhi and India. I was keen to dig out people who could help me in setting up cost effective Green Energy Plants in the city. I was looking for team who are exploring green ideas to generate clean energy. As per “Mission Green Delhi”, which was my dream from childhood, god almighty connected me to such team in my city only.  And finally i reached India Electron Exchange Ltd. ,  part of Global Energy Ltd.  So now i am getting answers to all my questions, which were revolving around my mind just like planets revolve around sun. I was very interested to know how i can convert myself into a private producer of Green Energy in near future.  How can i use Wind, Water, Solar Energy and Bio Gas Plants to build green solution. So thanks to GOD, who picked me up and sent me to the right place. Now i am working with a team who can help our city in making the efficient use and distribution of power. They have expertise in building big power generator plants. I would love to explore more on green energy solutions OR plants here.  You can visit http://www.indiaelectron.com and http://www.globalenergylimited.com for more information on our power analytics services, power and energy consultation and green energy initiatives.

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Puneet Verma
Puneet Verma is passionate traveler, youtuber, webmaster and promoter of Mission Green Delhi blog & platform. He is Acumen & Ideo.org certified Human-Centered Design professional. Subscribe to youtube channel of Puneet "Life of Webmaster" at https://goo.gl/3sVNPM

For business promotion, whatsapp him at +919910162399 or mail at missiongreendelhi@gmail.com.

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