Project Arth by IIT Delhi Students

IIT Delhi has started a project called Arth and they are changing the way cremations are conducted. Project Arth is an Enactus IIT Delhi venture that aims to reduce deforestation by replacing wood used for cremations by a bio-fuel.

Gaushalas in India generate around 1.6 lac tonne cow dung as waste, every day. This cow dung goes into rivers, causing extreme water pollution or simply left to decompose.

Project Arth team has developed a biomass fuel made primarily out of cow dung. This fuel is made into the shape of a log and then used in cremation. This helps us save two fully grown trees per cremation, saving a total of upto 16.4 million trees per year.

Please connect with Mission Green Delhi member Sahil Vaish for more information about this project @ 8860753261.

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