Reaching True Love Technically

The women/man standing in front of you is just like a computer system. If you want to connect to him/her, you need a process. Connection to her/him can be established by knowing her IP address, port number and mac address. Lets share this in a spiritual way. Suppose i want to connect to my girl friend, then i need decision on the method of communication to choose. By method of communication i mean, would it be a TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) connection or UDP connection. If i talk about my communication on this green blog then it is using UDP connection but if i am communicating to her then i need TCP connection because TCP connection to her will allow her to acknowledge my thoughts with a response which is not possible in case of UDP (user datagram communication). UDP is just like broadcasting thoughts to multiple acceptors. But TCP is unicasting your thoughts, with some expectations from the acceptor or listner. If i am sitting on LAN and she is standing on WAN, then by default she will never connect to me, rather i have to initiate the communication from LAN.  Its because human network is created in such a way. Now after deciding the mode of communication, i need her IP address,  the number to which i can communicate my thoughts without obstacles. Knowing her name will not do the job for me as there can be different names of a single IP address for security reasons. After getting her IP address from her after several negotiation phases and matching of parameters, i need to know ports which are opened on her system. Port scanner will help me finding out open ports. If her http port is open, then i can only expect beautiful webpages and just read them as they are displayed. But if her FTP port is open then i can exchange thoughts or files with her. Just sharing thoughts will not work. I need SSH connection through port number 22 to make login and see her configuration files. If i can reach her shell then i can see configuration files of various services that are installed on her machine and i can modifiy her variables and parameters. There might be a big SQL database of her feelings, domain name system with names and IP addreses of her close friends, and her past experiences cache also known as squid or a MAC table.  But SSH access is not that easy because she might have changed her default port. And even if you login you might not modify her variables in configuration files as you need super user permissions to do so. Sometimes it is possible that you might get access to her shell though SSH but you can never know that she was using proxy or honeypot and this was just access to dummy created by her or illusion created by some sniffer to know your feelings for her. But if on every particular step you negotiate and match your security parameters with her and take her permission to reach her shell, then you would be known as ethical boyfriend and she will modify her configuration file variables as you like. And this would be known as a true love.

दोस्तों की महफ़िल में, इजाज़त नहीं होती
दो पल में हो जाए, वो कुदरत नहीं होती
युगों में बनता है, ये इल्म का दरिया
इक पल में हो जाए, वो इबादत नहीं होती

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