Reason for being Corrupted

What is the reason, for corruption ? There are three reasons 1. Loving Gifts 2. Attracted Towards Illusions 3. Divide & Rule . If a person is corrupted, it means he is suffering from above viruses. This means there is feeling of “I deserve more than him/her “, which means something is creating feeling of division or destructive mind. A mind that is comparing itself with others, and somebody is buttering this feeling of “Division” by offering the second virus “GIFT”. Now here GIFT can be a virus like bribe. Now here the biggest GIFT which everybody loves is “Position of Power”. Now comes the third virus, ie the GIFT which was offered was created as a chakraview which was created and used by kings in past. This virus is called Illusion. And we are intelligent enough to know and understand what Illusion means. It means the fake view, which is different from reality. In Mahabharata chakraview was built by Kaurvas to kill Abhimanyu. What does that mean ? Even when Abhimanyu, the son of pandvas was honest, he was trapped in the chakraview or Illusion and was killed.
Now whats the best way to avoid above viruses ? We have to think and understand our mind, our habits and our daily activities and then our duty is to keep ourselves aware of Illusions, Gifts and Camparisons. We have to understand that we are one. Means we are team when we talk about our families. We are team when we talk about our friends. We are team when we are working in offices. We are team when we are studying in schools and colleges. We are team when we are talking about each and every religion. Nobody can break us using Gifts, Illusions and invoking Comparisons thoughts. We are united. We are Indians.

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