Reduction of 41% percent of air pollution in Delhi using this smart technology

Mission Green Delhi founder using Yulu environment friendly smart bike in Pune

Air pollution has been pressing issue since longer in Delhi and there is need to find out ways to mitigate it as soon as possible. As per research done by Ministry of sciences, 41% of overall city pollution comes from vehicles. There is a need to monitor zones with high pollution levels which contribute to this percentage. Thereafter, electric eco-friendly vehicles and public cycling zones could be brought in to commute to first mile, last mile and shorter distances. Doing this will definitely going to control air pollution levels and traffic congestion in that particular zone and will consequently help in controlling growing health issues in Delhi.

Instead of putting big personal vehicles on road, learned people should encourage usage of digitally smart bicycles that should give us information about how much carbon footprint we have saved, how many calories we have burnt. This could be our first step for making our city smart & green, by leveraging trending digital technologies like IOT and GPS. There technologies will help in tracing bicycles, helping us to park them in docks and will give full control to Delhi citizens through a mobile app on much affordable rentals.

Dockless shared bicycle zones have been successfully implemented in cities like Pune and companies like Yulu are helping RWA’s societies and government in implementing the same. Since this has been already been implemented, no extra efforts are required to execute it.

These rental bikes could cost around 10-15 Rs. per hour, which is much lesser than when it comes to spending on hospitalization and diseases.

If you would like a implement dockless shared bikes in your region, please write to us at

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