Ruchitra, Innovative Solution for Horticulture Waste Management

A warm afternoon, a pleasant drive through the countryside. You breathe in to enjoy the fresh air, and then you catch it. Stench, putrid stench. In the distance, you see the silhouettes of mountains which upon closer inspection turn out to be enormous heaps of garbage and refuse. Around it is a settlement of abjectly poor and emaciated people, with mothers and children rushing straight into the heaps, scavenging and scrambling for anything that could help them get through the day.

While all this seems like an Orwellian nightmare, quite disturbingly it is indeed the scenario in today’s third world countries such as India. And this reality, while being lost on the citizens of high-rise metropolitan areas like those of Delhi, is beginning to creep towards our homes in ways we would never have suspected, from taps to the air we breathe to the water we drink, it IS not possible to separate ourselves from it. But we CAN reverse it. And we’ll need each other’s help.

After weeks of innovative designing based on scientific rationale, months of trials and testings, we feel glad to present our solution, Ruchitra.

Ruchitra, made with the intention of tackling the issues with the disposal of dry horticulture waste (known to help in causing widespread fires in landfills), is a community-level garden composter which recycles all the organic waste from your gardens into nutritious compost for the plants.

Ruchitra has various features that make composting a pleasant experience for the user, such as its grid being of an optimum size which enhances composting, special cylinders to ensure aeration inside the bin ( which also helps in removing the odour), two doors at the bottom to harvest compost easily, and many more.

Equipped with all these innovations, Ruchitra is locked and loaded to fight against the problems related to horticulture waste management. Come join us, help us live in a cleaner, greener society.

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For more information about Ruchitra, please connect with:

Sahil Vaish
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