Step up with green

Do campaign for environment, enable city to glitter
Without any fear, stop people who litter
Report criminals on facebook, who pee on road
Use public toilets, for sake of god
Be a green leader, accomplish the dream
Make vision a reality, step up with green

Reduce vehicles on road, to save steeping city
Control anger of yours, to be somewhat witty
Be helpful on roads, hear needy’s scream
Make vision a reality, step up with green

Improve your service, improve your skills
Be a green human, reduce your bills
Control your cholestrol, avoid eating cream
Make vision a reality, step up with green

Be health concious, change your diet today
Tempty which fried food has, avoid that bite today
Avoid using earphones outside, avoid using laptop screen
Make vision a reality, step up with green

Puneet request you to, follow his green blog
Be a quick change leader, never stopping ideas slog
Live a healthy lifestyle, start sharing greentech’s beam
Make vision a reality, step up with green

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Puneet Verma
Puneet Verma, is founder, promoter & author of Mission Green Delhi platform. He is Acumen & certified Human-Centered Design professional as well. You can find more than 600 articles, stories and poems written by him on this online publication. To share thoughts with him, you can whatsapp him at +91- 9910162399. Puneet had worked with The QED Group LLC (, Washington DC based International Development sector management consulting firm and looked after their web projects.

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