Story of a Delhi Girl

This is the story of a girl who was born and bought up in Delhi.  The best thing about her was that she was multi-talented with multiple skillset. She was great technocrat, author dancer and cook. From childhood she used to participate in games, competitions and domestic tasks. She was very homely and fun loving girl. Always living her life to the fullest. After completing her education, she got a job in very good MNC in capital due to her intelligence and creative skills. As she was now grown up, her parents started searching for a boy that could match her skill set. After years of search, they couldn’t found a good match. With time passing away her parents and brother started worrying for her future.  One day her father found a boy in office who helped him and dropped him home as he was not well that day. Father was greatly inspired from bravery and nature of the boy. On other hand, brother of that girl was attending telecom awards night in Nehru Place, New Delhi. And there he met young boy who was awarded as technocrat of the year by award hosting organization. Brother was greatly impressed by that boy and was considering him for his multi-talented sister. There was a tenant boy who was living in their home on rent and was working as a chef in top hotel of Delhi. The chef boy was the choice of mother for her daughter. One day father was on his way to office and brother was in urgent meeting with some clients. Suddenly they got news that their daughter/sister was kidnapped by some kidnappers. Father, who just reached office, got the news from his wife. He along with the boy in his office went to the place where kidnappers had called them. Brother was in meeting with young award winning technocrat. He was shocked by the news. Technocrat boy accompanied him in his car and dropped him at his home. On other hand mother was scared by this incident and chef boy was consoling and telling her that everything would get fine. Her daughter will come back. He was cooking food for the shocked brother and mother at home. The boy who accompanied father, asked father to stay back and went alone to kidnappers without any fear. He smartly faught with them and was back with the girl.  Now girl was asked to choose any one boy out of three grooms chosen by her father, mother and brother. What do you think? Who was the choice of girl? Technocrat, Cook or brave one?

Moral of Fiction: Choose a person who supports you and stand for you in your bad times as your partner. Skills and profession is important but most important is zeal to fight for you in your bad times. So chose your life partner or business partner with this story in mind.

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