Struggle of a Young Boy

This is a fictitious story of a young boy studying in a school in Delhi. He was struggling in his life to meet his daily needs.His parents, brothers and sisters were craving for food, shelter and clothes in the city.  One morning he saw an ad on newspaper that police needs some citizens as their under cover agents in the city to fight against corruption and thefts quickly and smartly and will pay them a good amount of salary. This ad also stated that this is job of high danger and people with fearless minds are needed for this job. He shared the news with his father and expected him to join this job. Father asked him to go for this dangerous task and took him to the police training center. After reaching police station, he was hired as under cover agent and was asked to join a job in canteen outside the court of law. His duty was to spy and analyze people who were coming in court of law and were discussing their cases in canteen.  Boy was not really interested in joining this job as he wanted to continue  with his studies.  But situation forced him to stick himself to this job. He gave a big laugh and then cried for some time before initiating this task. Do you know why he laughed and then cried ?

Moral: He laughed because he was not restricted by police and was not asked to continue with his education. He cried because his father put him in a dangerous job instead of protecting him and taking care of his life. He realized that nobody in this world is responsible his struggle and it is him, who has to fight for himself. His family and police are not responsible for his protection rather he has to fight for his living and success. And he has to bear the results of his good and bad deeds. This realization motivated him to write book on “Daily analysis of People ” who were spending time in canteen and he was awarded as a best youngest writer.

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