Superhit Movie of Life

Lets understand our nature. We are living in a world which is a combination of various objects. Just like movie, there are various living and non living objects in this universe. Director of movie creates it so that audience can watch it and learn what is good and what is bad. In similar way, God is the director of this universe and he has designed various characters including human, animals and plants. Just like actors follow script of Director and give their best to the role offered to them by Director, we are characters with different roles in this life. The job of actor is to perform his character best he can to satisfy director. In similar way its our duty to fulfill various roles in our life and satisfy supreme director of this universe. Actors are everytime guided by directors when they are getting out of their roles. In similar manner, supreme director guides us while we are not doing justice to our roles. Best actor follow guidelines of his director blindly. And best human follow guidelines of God blindly. Actor get emotional sometimes, face challenges, cry, smile, love and die. But everytime they are lost in their scene,  director guide them that it was just part of the script. So don’t be effected by what happened. In similar way when we are stucked in tunnel of life anytime, god guides us and tell us that what we are performing is part of his script. We are here to perform and learn. If actor performs according to the director, then he is praised and loved by the director. In similar way if we perform our duties and roles under guidance of supreme power and just for him, then we will get love of god. Our soul is guided by supreme director, our mind is guided by our soul, our spirit is guided by our mind, our expectations are guided by our spirit, our senses are guided by our expectations, materialistic physical world is modified by our senses. But what i am finding is vice versa. Our soul is depending on senses and senses on materialistic world. Just like milk is effected under the effect of tamarind, our senses are becoming sour under the effect of illusions and pleasures designed in this script of god. Now its our duty to understand these illusions and pleasures and their bad effects on our soul and hence focus on our job rather than materialistic characters, special effects and illusions. We are just like a fire covered with smoke, mirror covered with dust and a baby covered inside her mother’s womb. And there is a need to free ourselves from this smoke, dust and womb …  discover our creativity and work only to satisfy our director.

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