Watching Child Labour, Shame Shame

Be a leader, and fight for the kid working as maid in your house. Ask your family members to stop child discrimination. Do you have enough leadership left ? If yes then be a leader who fights against discrimination. You can donate small amount of money for initiating their education process.  They are just like our little brothers and sisters and treat them as your family member. Start taking care of them, and god will take care of you and your funds. Be a true human and use some percentage of your funds to make them better person in life.  Its good to be a Hitler sometimes and fighting for those who need us, and finding out the one more Hitler inside them, to make them self sufficient.
While traveling on Delhi roads if you find someone on roadside begging, try to scold them just like a parent, ask them to join free schools in Delhi. They may not follow you due to their parents, atleast this could be start of step for redirecting them to the  right path. Never offer them money, instead offer food and fruits with your mind boggling suggestion.  Awareness is the best donation we can offer.

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