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We daily go to school and college, and then start our day with morning prayers or lectures. But never start our day with green thoughts. We take lectures on various subjects but never ask question from our teacher or professor “Sir/Mam … How can we make our city green ? What are we doing for it ? Is our school or college part of “MISSION GREEN DELHI” campaign ?” . True Iconic leader never waits for others to initiate, rather initiates and stands for what he feel is right for his family, friends and city. If you really feel that we need more trees and plants in the area we are living, then just go for it. Take help from your teachers to plant atleast 10 plants in your neighborhood and then watch the magic. Be a smart boy, Be a smart girl and today only ask your parents and friends to stop intake of foods and drinks that can cause damage to your body. Be intelligent human and eat homemade food only. When you are in your home, school or university, analyze your surroundings.  Check for wastage of electricity, water and food and comment on it as soon as possible. Get up early in morning and force your family members to go for a walk, do some yoga and drink lots of water.  Measure your Mobile, TV, Computer and Video games usage and try to reduce it and replace it with outdoor games and interesting books. Set examples for other schools, colleges, institutes and universities in your city and measure results of your actions. Always keep in mind “You are leader, if you are willing to assume responsibility of your family, friends and city”. Just do your best dost.

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