Jan Shakti for Jal Shakti Innovation by Subhajit & IIT Bombay Students

Jan Shakti for Jal Shakti Innovation by Subhajit & IIT Bombay Students

Climate change is not just a term, but it’s a change which is expecting us to change. Floods of Bihar, Maharashtra, Kerala & Assam are warning us to control anti-environmental activities which are going against the nature. Along with massive tree plantation campaigns, rain water harvesting & ground water recharge are steps needed to maintain this balance. Ground water recharge methods helps in fulfilling water crises for potable and non-potable daily use. Water bills are increasing day by day in Delhi and we have started paying for plentily available resource due to lack of awareness and knowledge.

Subhajit Mukherjee, founder of Mission Green Mumbai movement with help of IIT Bombay students devised a cost-effective method to recharge ground water. So, simple. Just dig 4 x 4 feet pit and install a water drum inside it. Put stones to support this drum and then connect your terrace water pipeline to it. Each and every school, college, hospital & hotel can try this innovative method.

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If you are working on similar water conservation and ground water recharge projects across Delhi & NCR, feel free to share your story with us. To connect with Subhajit, please send whatsapp message to my number 9910162399.

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