Used muddler again

It felt great when i used traditional method to create green sauce of mint leaves today once again. This was the method my grand mother use in village. And in my childhood days my mother used to do this using muddler. But as time passed away, muddler was replaced by mixer grinders. Few bunches of mint, few green chilies, coriander leaves, lemon ,two onions, little salt are mixed, mashed and crushed by muddler using traditional style. After efforts of half an hour, it felt great. I loved it and decided not use mixer grinder anymore. Tasty green chutney or sauce was ready to be taken in dinner with some Roti, Rice and Daal. I hope i would try to avoid ready made tomato and chilli sauce now and go for this interesting traditional style of making green chutney. I recommend my readers to have a glass of Brahmi sharbat or juice to keep your body and mind cool in present heat of delhi.

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