What is Mission Green Delhi ?

People often reach this blog and are confused sometimes about the nitch of the concept. And they ask me “we find some posts that are not relevant to the concept of Mission Green Delhi”. And then i ask them a question “What do you think Mission Green Delhi is about ? Do you think it is about planting trees in Delhi ?” and my answer to the question is that Mission Green Delhi is not only about planting trees in city. Do you really think city with full of plants and trees would be a green city. I don’t think so. To me green means prosperous and we can never be prosperous without having prosperous thought process and habits. Mission Green Delhi is about being green human whose daily job would be to perform each and every task using green mind and heart.And we need training and practice to accomplish this.If a person has reached the level where he only thinks green, he only performs green, he only see green,he only smell green, he only hear green, he has spiritual thoughts, he has caring attitude towards himself, his family and people around him, then we can call him and his surroundings green. Green Human is soul of every human being and Mission Green Delhi blog is just a tool to discover this green human inside us. While doing research i always talk to my friends Chitwan, Mayank, Girish, Mahavir, Anjan and my collegues Gaurav, Alok and Vaibhav about their views and suggestions about making our city green. And most of the
times i get a postitive response that has “Trees and Plants” in communication.But we cannot associate Mission Green Delhi to trees and plants only, because its about planting green mind, heart and senses in our body and people around us.Now if you feel that you are green human in your daily activities then start contributing us with your green thoughts, green habits
and green innovations.

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