Anti-Plastic Awareness March by Jan Kalyan Mahila Samiti

Anti-Plastic Awareness March by Jan Kalyan Mahila Samiti

Today, the Jan Kalyan Mahila Samiti marched from Palam Chowk to Shri Ram Chowk through the railway gate to Mehrauli Road across the market and urged the shopkeepers to stop plastic use. Children also participated in this march with great enthusiasm.

Chairman, Jan Kalyan Mahila Samiti and Mission Green Delhi Community member Sudesh Dogra talked about dangerous consequences of plastic use in our lives, how our life span is getting reduced day by day due to increasing plastic pollution. How animals are losing their lives by eating it and how its usage is contributing towards global warming.

On this occasion, the committee’s general secretary Madhu Bisht said that plastic is one of the biggest causes of cancer. If plastic is discontinued, it will help reduce Cancer disease to a large extent while Rekha Bhatt of the committee said that in order to save animals and save the environment, our children should be educated and made aware to stop using plastic.

On this occasion, children appealed to the market with loud slogans. Slogans like Remove Plastic, Save the Environment, Remove Plastic, Make Healthy India, Remove Plastic, Save Earth, Remove Plastic, Save Animals, were echoing everywhere.

The foot march echoed with slogans of every shop, appealing people to stop using plastic and polythene so that the environment could be saved.

Secretary General of the Market Association also appreciated this Plastic awareness march.

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