Innovative 3 Months Life Test

Experiencing some Impatience and Anger in your family. Lets do this experiment for next 3 months. Throw away Non-Veg food and Alcoholic drinks for next 3 months. And Analyse the environment in your family. You might feel that there is a great difference in your health and thoughts. After three months you will feel as if you are the part of fun filled heaven and a proud citizen of Delhi and India. Try to convince your family members on reducing consumption of chemicals (Alcohol), Cigarette (Fake Life Style) and Non-Veg (Killed Living Animals) and you will experience that change in you and your family. I hope you would love to thank me and ask yourself after 3 months “Why anybody haven’t asked me to do it before ?  I would have saved lot in life, if i knew it before”.  Now thats secret from myside. I cannot share here on this Green Delhi Blog, the CHANGE you will feel in your life, the CHANGE that you were always looking for, the CHANGE that was required to solve all issues that were creating mental tension, impatience & anger in your daily life while going to sleep and while working in a day.

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