Emotions Vs Intellect

Life is about acceptance and if we know what is under our control and what is not then it would become easier to solve bigger issues in life and to know secret answers of life. What i feel is we can never ever control death, relationships and money in life. And there are things called senses, love and emotions which i can control. So if there is something which i can control why not to focus on that and if something is not under my control, why to worry about that. If we really want to worry, then worry about harming and hurting others. If we really want to control something, why not to control our tongue. If i really want to think, then why not to think about improving myself instead of blaming others. If i really want to see, why not see good everywhere. If i really want to hear, why not to hear truth. God had given us tools like nose, mouth, eyes, skin and ear. SO why not use these five tools at the fullest. Lets smell something beautiful and breath in through nose. Lets speak something that was never heard. Lets visualize something that was never expected and happened. Lets hear something that is not audible. Lets feel life and flow with our emotions by breaking the wall of false intellect. Our intellect is controlled by something which is called emotion. If you really want to know yourself and people around you, use your senses to know your and their emotions and direct the flow to right direction because our emotions are the reason why we live and how we live and all other things act as resultant.  So accept life as it comes to you. Accept day, accept night, accept present and accept future.

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