The story of a CEO

This is the story of a CEO, who was working in Delhi, the capital of India. One day the CEO was asked to manage a group of executives visiting India from China. He had to arrange for their dinner and hotel stay for night. But every big hotel was occupied with guests on that day. So what did Mr.Vishvamitra, the CEO does, he called Mr. Vashistha under reference of his partner. He went to small hotel of Mr. Vashistha and asked him if he can arrange for dinner and night stay of approx 100 delegates coming from China. Vashistha with a big smile said “Off Course Sir … We can arrange it for you”. Vishvamitra questioned “But how will you arrange? Your hotel is so small and I am not finding even 10 rooms in it.”. Mr. Vasistha assured him that he will manage. As there was urgent need of this arrangement, Mr. Vasistha went to his Manager Nandini and asked her if there is some solution for arrangement. Nandini with a big smile said “Yes .. Sir”. And Mr. Vishvamitra came with 180 executives and asked him to arrange some more dinner and rooms for other 80 executives. Vasistha discussed with Nandini and asked her if she can manage dinner and rooms for other 80 executives. She replied with a smile “Yes Sir”. And finally all executives had wonderful dinner that night and stayed in fully airy and natural rooms and everybody praised Vasistha and Vishvamitra for their such innovative and wonderful arrangement. Mr. Vishvamitra was inspired by the managing skills of Nandini and called back her next day to quit job of Vasistha and join his organization on excellent remuneration. But she refused. Mr. Vishvamitra asked Vashistha to force Nandini to leave her job and join them. But kind hearted Vashistha refused. Vishvamitra went to the mother of Nandini, Mrs. Kamdhenu but she also refused and praised Vashistha for his kindness and humbleness. Being a CEO, Vishvamitra thought he was lacking something in his managing skills. And he was feeling jealeous of Mr. Vashistha. He tried various ethical and unethical methods to force Nandini to leave her job, but every time she refused. Vishvamitra got so frustrated with kindness of Vashistha that he left his job as CEO and opened a small hotel like Vashistha to start working like him. After working 3 years like him, one day he went to Vasistha and fall on his feet. Started Crying and asked “Oh Mr. Vashistha… I am sorry for what I have done with you and felt about you. Please guide me how should I get rid of this ego, anger and jealous”. Vashitha responded “Dear Mr. Vishvamitra … You are such a talented and intelligent individual. I will only say instead of falling on my feet, just dedicate your tasks to supreme lord. Supreme lord is just like our mother. She never feel ashamed in cleaning stool of her child and consider it as a pulp of sandalwood and always enjoy cleaning it. Our caste, country, gender, religion, body and weaknesses doesn’t matter to him. He forgives everybody who comes to him with true heart. Mr. Visvamitra ..You are already freed from anger, ego and jealous.”. And hearing these words from Vashiitha, Vishvamitra started working for the supreme lord, partnered with Vashitha and after period of 4 years, he become the best hotelier of Delhi under the leadership of Vasistha. Nandini was managing a big staff of more than 1200 people and Visvamitra use to call each member of this group as Nandini due to the qualities they inherited from her. Vishvamitra and his wife Menaka’s daughter Shakuntala took business started in Delhi to whole India. Then Shankutala’s son Bharata promoted it around the world.

Vasistha was following rules and principles of supreme lord which were as true as 1+1=2, no matter where we go in this universe. He got his all knowledge from Ishvaku, Ishvaku got this from Manu, Manu got this from Sun and Sun got everthing from supreme Lord. Vasistha looks like sun, which is same, young and energetic under lord. But Vishvamitra was seeing Vasistha as day and night using his dynamic and unfocussed eyes. Nandini (Talent) never stays with people like Vishvamitra until they start following supreme power and follower Vasistha.
Note: The stories on this blog are fictious and are created for enjoyment and learning purpose.

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