Theory of Objects Replacement

I have been reading about lot of people who accomplished great tasks in their lives by analyzing various relationships between various objects of nature. When i move into the depths of Indian history, i have found that our authors have used various relationships of this nature, analyzed successes and failures of these relationships and then produced some researches and theories to solve various business issues, life challenges and produced innovative technical solutions. This is the theory of “Watching a relationship and replacing characters or objects with ourselves” and then analysing. Big entreprenuers and innovations experts are using this theory to produce worlds best ideas. If i go into the period of Lord Krishna ie Dwapar period , then i will come to know various secrets which were used by Lord Krishna to solve bigger issues of life. For eg- when he was a kid, he used to play with his friends and use to ask them to consider themselves as cows and he himself would become an ox. And in this way he was running behind cows as ox and cows were running as if they were followed by an ox. In this way Lord Krishna was innovating and hence leading everywhere. He has innovated lot of leadership methods in Mahabharta using the same theory of objects replacement and analyzing scenarios and results. I have seen big professionals in IT & Power industry who are successfully building business relationships and generating new ideas using this object replacement theory. For eg- Some of them are using a husband-wife marriage scenario to understand and develop long time relationship with their vendors. And sometimes they are using Father- Child relationship to develop good relationship with their seniors and management. Theory of objects relationship has been found successful everywhere, no matter where we are. I myself have used Tree-Human relationship in my various writings because i haven’t found best example than a Tree-Human relationship to describe the qualities of a prosperous human called “Green Human” on “Mission Green Delhi”.  We can start practicing this theory in our daily lives and i think this will surely  bring wonders and magics we were always looking for by grace of God.

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