They Laughed and I Ignored

I was walking on my way and met a bird who was laughing at me. I asked him whats the reason for this laugh dude. He told me that he is laughing because he found that i am searching for happiness. Then i ignored him and continued on my way and founded a bull who was looking unhappy and sad. He saw me and gave me a winning smile. I asked him the reason for this smile. He told me that he is smiling because he found that i am running away from sorrow. I ignored him and then continued. I found a horse who just has won a big race.I congratulated him for this win and praised him a lot. He saw me and laughed at me. After asking about the reason, he told me, that he laughed because i congratulated him for winning. I ignored him and after walking few kilometers i found a chicken who was running to save his life from his master who was a butcher. He was looking like just losing in few seconds. I suddenly started fighting with his master to save his life. But when i turned my face back, the chicken was laughing at me. I was amazed and asked him the reason for this laugh in such a bad situation. He told me that he was laughing because i was so desperate to save his life which is meant for sacrifice. I ignored him and was little bit tired after such long journey. I sat under a big tree. Suddenly a person who was tired just like me came to me with a packet and sat under that tree for few minutes. Then he asked me to keep that packet with me and consider myself owner of this packet if he doesn’t come back. He went away. I opened that packet and saw gold and diamonds in that packet. I felt like this was a profitable day for me. And i was hoping he should not come back. But i waited for him. He never came back . I was feeling top of the world at end of the day because that person was lost and money was mine. But suddenly i heard a laugh from top of the tree under which i was sitting. The person was sitting on that tree and i was amazed. I asked him why he was sitting on that tree and laughing at me. He told me that he was laughing because he saw me effected by huge profit and he told me that now is the time to bear huge loss as he wants his packet back. He gave a huge laugh and disappeared with that packet. I ignored him and after this whole day of ignorance, i was 1000 times energized to submit my story to you. Haa haa haaa … Cheers.

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